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The Catholic Institute is a tertiary education provider. Theological education is about: Information, Formation and Transformation


TCI is a Private Training Establishment (PTE)

This means that The Catholic Institute is registered to teach qualifications at the tertiary level in NZ. We offer NZQA accredited Certificates and Diplomas in Pastoral Ministry, Scripture, Religious Education and Theology.  

Courses are taught in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch & Dunedin (see timetable for all places where courses are taught). Click here for all our qualifications.
To ensure our qualifications are accessible we offer the following:

Face to face classes 

Students who are enrolled in face to face courses will attend classes - usually one 3 hour class a week for six weeks or over 2 weekends - with well qualified and engaging lecturers. Students enjoy meeting others who are studying with them and many form strong friendships in the class. Read more 

Distance Education

TCI is aware that many people do not live in a main centre or have commitments and so cannot attend classes.  If this is you - then you are the perfect candidate for Distance Education!
If you enrol in distance education you receive all the material you need and will have ongoing contact with a tutor.  More than a hundred students study by distance each semester and many students have completed their qualification in this way. Read more

Online Learning

At present the courses available online are Level 5 Distance Education courses.for personal or professional development.  This is an exciting mode of learning and TCI is committed to making more courses available online in the not too distant future.
Online courses use videos, games, readings, music, quizzes, etc. to engage students.  Read more

NOTE: TCI is not registered to teach international students - you must be a NZ or Australian citizen/resident to enrol at TCI.




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