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Distance Education course information

Courses available via Distance Education

See the Distance Education Timetable to find out what is offered in 2020.  

General Information about distance education

Online courses

Enrolled students will be given instructions on how to log on to and use our learning management system at the start of each semester. Students will be in contact with a tutor who will support them.

Students work through the online material and take part in various activities and discussions.  They are graded partially on participation in the activities and mainly on the assignments at the end of the course.


Paper based courses

These are not yet online, although we are working towards it.

students receive a link to a module book and book of readings

students are in contact with a tutor

students answer questions from the module book and send via email to their tutor

students are graded on the assignment at the end of the course

Distance study is for those who

are unable to attend classes because they live too far away or have other commitments

want to study at home

want to gain a recognised qualification


Please read the Distance Education Student Manual here.


There are 2 intakes for Distance courses
  • Semester one begins 17 Febuary
  • Semester two begins  13 July

 You will need to enrol before these dates.  


Further Information for Distance Students
Important dates for Distance