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Tuition Fees and Course Costs 2018

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New Qualifications



Course Fee per Paper

Cost to student with Mission Scholarship

Admin Fee per Paper

Eligible for interest-free student loan?

New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies (Level 5) with strands in Christian Ministry or Religious Education

Course (paper) 10 credits

$350 $175 $20 Yes
Course (paper) 20 credits $700 $350 $20  Yes

Note: The fees for this Diploma are indicative only. Until TCI has NZQA registration and approval to teach this qualification and TEC has approved the fees, this diploma will not be available - students will need to enrol in CPI and pay fees under the old structure. 

New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 6) with strands in Christian Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Religious Education and Theological Studies 

Course (paper) 15 credits

$450 $275 $20 Yes


Scholarships for the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies (Level 5) and New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 6) are available:

A special Mission Scholarship has been established to:

        • encourage teachers in Catholic schools and people working in ministry roles in the church to gain a qualification
        • assist in the transition from the old qualifications with lower fees to the new qualifications

                In 2018 the Mission Scholarship is $175 per course/paper studied.

The New Zealand Catholic Education Office has generously signalled that they will offer scholarships for teachers in Catholic Schools in 2018.  Eligibility criteria and value for this scholarship are still being worked out. 

The Common Good Scholarship (The value of this scholarship is determined by need) is available for:

        • People from groups that are under-represented at TCI with particular emphasis on Māori and Pasifika students
        • Students who are experiencing financial hardship
        • Groups of teachers from the same school enrolling at the same time, where the group represents more than 25 percent of the teaching staff at the school
        • click application: icon Common Good Scholarship Application

Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Catholic Culture

This Certificate is made up of four Units - three are taught by Australian Catholic University and one is taught by The Catholic Institute of Aotearoa New Zealand.


 Fee per Unit (paper)

 Annual Student Services Fee (per year not per paper)

  Eligible for interest-free student loan from StudyLink?
Units taught by ACU   $AU 2,100  $AU 180  paid to the Australian Catholic University No - this is an overseas qualification
Unit taught by TCI  $NZ 1,500  N/A paid to TCI No - this is an overseas qualification

 As this is a residential programme located in Wellington, participants are advised to factor in travel and accommodation costs.  There are some scholarships available for this programme of study.  Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about these. 

TCI Old Qualifications

Fees for the following programmes of study     

Certificates in 


  • Catholic Youth Ministry
  • Catechetical Studies
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry (Hospital)
  • Pastoral Ministry (Prison)

Diploma in Pastoral Leadership


Diploma in Religious Studies with streams in:


  • Pastoral Minisry 
  • Relgious Education
  • Theological Studies 
  Course Fee per Paper Admin Fee per Paper Eligible for interest-free student loan? 
Certificate and Diploma courses (papers) at level 5 and 6 coded 100, 200   $82  $20  No
DipPL courses (papers) at level 6 coded 300 $120 $20 Yes

Old qualifications will be removed from the NQF in July 2019 and are no longer open for enrolment; students who are enrolled in one of the old qualifications have until June 2019 to complete.  This deadline is set by NZQA and no extensions can be made after this date. These qualifications are eligible for the Common Good Scholarship but not the Mission Scholarship or NZCEO scholarship. 

Recognition of Prior Learning Fees

RPL from an overseas institute (per application) $50.00
RPL from a New Zealand institute (per application)  $40.00
Cross-credits within TCI  no charge
Evidence of pre-requisite for entry into NZDCS qualifications  no charge

Students need to supply evidence of a recognised qualification obtained from another learning institution; the qualification must be less than 10 years old and at a level equivalent or higher than the TCI qualification.