The Catholic Institute

Ministry preparation

TCI is committed to providing opportunities for people to know more about their faith. We have a wide range of courses for those who are involved in, or wish to know more about, various ministries.

We offer both informal courses of study and a formal qualification in Pastoral Ministry.

Informal courses

If you just want to study for interest – these are for you!

Faith Updates are a new initiative and are studied online - so you will need a computer and a broadband connection to the internet.

For the Certificate of Personal Interest you study two courses in areas that interest you. A list of the courses available: Courses on offer.  You can study the courses by face to face teaching or distance learning.

See the Timetable, for face to face class throughout the country.  

To study by distance: Distance Education course information. Assignments are optional when studying for person interest.

At a later date you may wish to complete a qualification. Faith Updates can be credited to a part of a course; courses studied for interest can be credited toward the appropriate qualification. In both cases you will need to have successfully completed the assignments for the particular course.

Formal Qualifications
TCI has a number of qualifications in Pastoral Ministry (click on any certificate or diploma to find out more):

These can be studied in by face to face or by distance learning.  

To see what is on offer for face to face classes throughout the country click: Timetable.

To study by distance: Distance Education course information.