The Catholic Institute

Certificate in Catechetical Studies

PC2703 | NZQA approved | Level 5, 72 credits 0.6 efts

For Trainee Teachers

Gain a Certificate in Catechetical Studies while studying at a University College of Education

Acquire knowledge and skills which will allow you to confidently and competently teach Religious Education in Catholic schools

Enrich your own understanding of faith

Main Features

6 Courses in Theology, Scripture and Religious Education 1 Practicum – teaching in a Catholic School.   Students must already be enrolled as teacher trainees at Universities’ Colleges of Education (or equivalent)

Higher Study

If you wish to take your studies further in this area you can study the Diploma in Religious Studies, stream Religious Education.

Career Opportunities

This qualification will enhance opportunities to teach within the Catholic school system.

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Programme Structure

RE101 Introduction to Religious Education
RE102 Introduction to Spirituality for Teachers
TH101 Introduction to Catholicism
TH102 Introduction to Theology
SC101 Introduction to the Old Testament
SC102 Introduction to the New Testament
TE101 Teaching Experience (one section in a Catholic School).

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More information available here.  Read what students have said here.

Students have said: "amazing examples of good teaching practice, every session. I have learnt a lot about teaching, planning and assessment in religious education. Group learning, providing information to help me understand what teaching RE in a Catholic school is all about."