The Catholic Institute

NZ Diploma Elective Courses/Papers

Schedule 1 - History Electives 

  Taught in 2019
 TH621 The Early Church Hamilton
 TH622 The Medieval Church No
 TH623 The Reformation No
 TH624 The Church in the Modern Age No
TH625 The Church in Aotearoa New Zealand No

Schedule 2 - Scripture Electives

  Taught in 2019
SC630 The Synoptic Gospels No
SC638 Women in the New Testament No
SC634 Gospel of John No
SC642 Biblical History and Characters No
SC640 The Pentateuch No
SC632 Gospel of Matthew No
SC631 Gospel of Mark No
SC633 Luke/Acts Distance
SC635 The Letters of Paul Distance
SC639 Apocalyptic Literature No
SC637 New Testament Letters No

Schedule 3 - Theology Electives

  Taught in 2019
TH601 The Sacraments Today Distance
TH602 Jesus the Christ No
TH612 Biblical Theology No
TH609 He TÅ«ranga Whakaaro - A place from which to share Distance
TH613 Catholic Spiritual Tradition Distance
TH604 Social Justice and Catholic Teaching Distance
TH608 Comparative Religion No
TH603 Renewing the Church Distance and Hamilton
TH614 Christian Values and Ethics No
TH611 The Liturgical Year No
TH605 Feminist Theology No
TH615 Christian Art and Architecture No

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