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New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 6) - Pastoral Ministry

  | Submitted to NZQA; yet to be approved | Level 6, 120 credits 1.0 eft


To gain the NZDCS - Pastoral Ministry you will need to successfully complete the following 8 papers/courses

All FIVE courses below
PM601 Leading Prayer
PM602  Celebrating Liturgy
PM604 Skills for Pastoral Ministry
PM605 Role of Pastoral Minister
SC602 The Gospel in Aotearoa
ONE of the following two courses
TH601 Sacraments Today
SC603 Biblical Models for Ministry
TWO of the following three courses
TH609 He Turanga Whakaaro
TH623 Ministry and Values
TH626 Theology for Ministry: Special Topic

I was a stranger and you invited me in... 

Gain a New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 6) - Pastoral Ministry

Acquire knowledge and more advanced skills required for ministry roles in parishes and other church settings. 

Entry Requirement

Students need to have completed a level 5 theological qualification, e.g. NZCCS-PM, to be accepted into this programme of study.  

Main Features

8 Courses in Theology, Scripture and Pastoral Ministry

Higher Study

If you wish to take your studies further, The NZDCS-PM carries credit points towards a Bachelor of Theology at:

  • University of Otago
  • Good Shepherd College
  • Sydney College of Divinity

Career Opportunities

This Diploma can lead to a range of careers. Graduates will find this useful for leadership roles in parishes and voluntary work with parish groups. 


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Students have said: "Opportunity for group discussion – hearing other people’s points of view and debating topics under consideration. It made the course both intellectually stimulating and interesting.   I always appreciate the creative ways that all the lectures present the daily prayers."