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Student Stories

TCI has students and graduates from many walks of life.  The majority of stories here are from teachers in Catholic Schools but we are collecting stories from others as well. Watch this space!

patsy buttle

Patsy Buttle DipPL 

These 18 papers have taught me so much... Somehow the shy diffident person I was disappeared, to be replaced with a person confident in her faith and her ability to communicate with others, to listen to others and to care.  Read More

Brendan and Christine

John Spring and Christina Goodwin both teach at Campion College in Gisborne.  They graduated with a DipRS-RE in 2014!

Christina and John are a married couple who began their study toward the DipRS in 2006.  Much of the study was done by distance and TCI is excited they have both completed their diploma.

Great work John and Christina!


Sharon Henderson  Studying toward DipRS-RE  Catholic Cathedral College, Christchurch

I am currently studying toward a Diploma in Religious Studies - Religious Education;  being able to teach R.E has kept me in employment in my school. I made great contacts from around the South Island during the course, and found the material engaging.Read More


Jeremy Cumming  Studying toward DipRS-RE  Catholic Cathedral College, Christchurch

Completing papers through TCI has developed my knowledge of Catholic doctrine which has deepened my personal faith. At my College I am comfortable when answering pupils' questions in class correctly, and thoughtfully. Read More



Barbara Stepanicic Graduate DipRS-RE  Holy Cross Catholic School, Henderson

I highly recommend this Diploma to all teachers who work in Catholic Schools as an essential requirement to competently teach the Religious Education Programme and to being able to fully support the development of the necessary skills, values, and beliefs in our students. Read More


Ian Hey DipRS-RE, Studying toward DipRS-TS St Anne's School, Manurewa

The staff at TCI is focused on a successful outcome for the student in a relaxed and supportive environment. Read More


Veronica Aislabie and Jacinta Wood both graduates DipRS-RE John Paul College, Rotorua

All presenters showed passion for their course content and were supportive of different learners from various academic backgrounds - Veronica

Religious Education teachers can incorporate modern day themes into lessons, stories that students are already familiar with showing Christian values such as love, mercy, generosity, justice and peace. - Jacinta  Read More


Paul O'Connor  Studying for DipRS-RE  Catholic Cathedral College, Christchurch

As a first year teacher the Catholic Institute has supported me immensely. Firstly the courses have provided me with essential professional development and built up my knowledge surrounding Religious Education content.  Read More


Rosemary Grant graduate DipRS-RE  St Mark's Primary School, Pakuranga 

The Diploma of Religious Studies has been of enormous benefit and interest to me on all levels: spiritual, intellectual and professional, not to mention the friendships I’ve developed with others through it. Read More


Megan Meulenbroeks graduate Cert. Cat. Studies and Understanding Sexuality  St Mary's College, Wellington  

I am now in a permanent position at St Mary’s College Wellington and could not be happier with where the Certificate in Catechetical Studies has taken me. I teach Religious Studies to Years 9, 10 and 11 at St Mary’s... Read More 


Daniel Salter  graduate Cert. Cat. Studies  St Anthony's School, Seatoun

I recommend the Certificate in Catechetical Studies to people of all ages and backgrounds because, in my experience, it challenges those who already have an understanding of their Catholic faith whilst also providing a starting point for those just beginning. Read More

Gabrielle Daly-fong

Gabrielle Daly-Fong studying toward DipRS-PM  Compassio Services

All of my life, I have engaged in many activities and roles within the church: Acting DRS; Principal of two Catholic schools; member of the Spiritual Ministries Commission; Spiritual Ministries Director of Hamilton Diocese; Spiritual Director; Retreat Director… I mean, what else could I learn? So it was a shock and a delightful surprise that there was so much more to learn, and comprehend. Read More
2013 grad 2